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How to dispose of your waste in the Department

Everyday waste

In line with the University's targets, none of our everyday non-hazardous waste is sent to landfill. 

Dry Mixed Recycling

  • Contents of all office and other unlabelled bins in the Department are treated as DMR.
  • Suitable for all types of paper (except paper towels), card, books and magazines, as well as most plastics (containers, bottles and plastic wrapping - clean and dry only), tins and cans.
  • Contents sorted off site into the different recycling streams, as part of our waste collection contract.


Food Waste

  • Currently 2 collection points at Trumpington Street - one in the Canteen and one on the ground floor of the Inglis Building corridor.
  • Suitable for compostables, but unlike your food bin at home, please don't put paper towels in these.
  • Sent for anaerobic digestion and converted into green energy.


General Waste

  • For all non-recyclables such as polystyrene, paper towels and mixed material items (like crisp packets), as well as food-contaminated items. 
  • Incinerated at a waste-to-energy plant, so the intrinsic energy in the materials is recovered. 



Paper - The Department has a separate confidential paper recycling contract. Paper recycling bins are dotted around the Department. Paper in these bins is shredded. 

Recycling/disposal of other items

  • Batteries - Collections points in the DPO and Stores.

  • Electrical Applicances - Usable but unwanted electrical devices can be advertised to others in the Univeristy, via Warpit. For all electronic/electrical waste, the Department has an electronic waste collection contract with a specialist firm. Items for collection must be stored in the WEEE Room - please see here for further details.  

  • Furniture - there are various options for recycling/rehoming unwanted furniture such as Warp-it, the University's resources recycling website, or local charities. Please see here for more details.

  • Glass, wood, building fabric and metal can be disposed of in the skips on site. Please do not put anything in the skips yourself. Please contact Tomasz Awecki, e-mail: , ext: 32783, to discuss your disposal requirements.




University's A to Z Recycling Guide

Click here to find out where all common items can be recycled at the University.