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Building and Estate Services

Department of Engineering

The Building Projects Team is responsible for ensuring that the Department’s building needs are met by:

  • Representing the Department's interests in Major Works' projects, such as the construction of the Civil Engineering Building at West Cambridge, and larger Minor Works like the Trumpington Street canteen refurbishment;
  • Managing all smaller Minor Works' projects directly, which can range from room refurbishments and the installation of plant and equipment, to the creation of new laboratory or office space; 
  • Supporting the Department's strategic planning process.

As the largest Department in the University, spread across 4 different sites, the Department of Engineering generates a significant number of building projects.  

Major Works

Major construction contracts, such as the Civil Engineering Building completed in 2019, are managed by Estate Management. However the Building Projects team represent the Department's interests throughout the whole process, from playing a key part in how the building is designed and the construction managed, to handling all relocation and fit-out aspects of the completed building.

Typical activities of the Building Projects team in the delivery of Major Projects, include:

  • Working closely with the users to establish their requirements;
  • Managing the interface between end-users and project design and delivery teams (i.e. Estate Management and their consultants);
  • Minimising the impact of project activity on the Department’s activities;
  • Supporting the occupation of new spaces, post-construction;
  • Managing post-construction defect rectification and alterations.

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Minor Works

Minor Works are those costing less than £2m, such as the re-modelling of the Fluid Dynamics Lab. With the exception of very small projects, these have also traditionally come under the management of Estate Management. However the Department is currently working towards obtaining Sites and Buildings Regulations approval which will give us the authority to manage the majority of Minor Works directly.

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Strategic Planning

The Building Projects team also support the Department's strategic planning, providing construction-related advice on individual proposals and the wider Move West programme.




Building Projects Helpdesk

To report any unexpected noise or disturbance from work being undertaken as part of a building project, please contact the Building Projects team as follows:

01223 (3)32882

01223 (3)32800