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Building and Estate Services

Department of Engineering

There are three stages to the Capital Projects application process:

  • Registration of an opportunity
  • Concept
  • Full case

Click here for a flowchart summary of the process.

The starting point is the registration of the project with the Building Committee and Planning and Resources Committee, which is done via the PRAO, and is subject to the endorsement of the Head of the Department and the Head of the School of Technology.

The stages follow a logic of increasing commitment of time and money, and clarification and definition of requirements.

The first, registration, stage is based on an outline statement of the building requirements, and anticipated costs and benefits. Subject to approval, the proposal moves to the concept stage, where a formal scheme is developed in conjunction with a professional team, and an estimated cost derived. A concept paper, or business case, is developed and submitted for approval. If the case is approved, the project moves to the final, full case, stage. During this phase, a full design is developed by the professional team, often with the involvement of a contractor to advise on buildability and costs. The outcome is a Full Case paper, a refined and expanded version of the earlier submissions, approval of which permits a contract to be placed and construction work to commence.

The period between initial registration and commencement on site can be two years or more. The new Civil Engineering Building, for example, was registered in May 2015, and construction work will commence in October 2017, for completion in March/April 2019. Securing funding, and difficulties in establishing an affordable scheme, can extend this period further.