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Garage Opening Oatley Family

A generous donation from Geoff and Jean Oatley and family allowed the Department to build the Oatley Projects Garage, a dedicated garage space on the main site for two of the student-led projects, Cambridge Eco Racing and Full Blue Racing.

Prior to the provision of this area, student projects had access to very limited space that was not particularly well suited to the design and build work necessary for their projects. They also lacked adequate on-site storage for their cars. The Oatley donation, together with a matching donation from HEFCE, meant this Minor Works project to create a dedicated student project working area, could go ahead.

The garage was created from enclosing what used to be car parking spaces under the eaves to the North of the Inglis Building next to the Structures workshop entrance. Two walls were constructed either side of the spaces, and a roller shutter door installed along the North side.

Construction took place over the Summer of 2015. Post construction, the garage was equipped with fixed benching and cupboards, together with various other pieces of storage furniture. The remainder of the budget allowed for the provision of fit-out extras such as a hoist, shelving, white boards etc. The garage was officially opened by the Oatley Family in February 2016.