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Parking on the Trumpington Street site

Only members of staff who have been issued with parking permits may park their cars on the Trumpington Street Site during the working day (Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00). There is no provision during working hours for parking by family members, or by anyone who does not have business in the Department. Permits are available only to assistant, academic and academic-related staff (see below under 'Car parking applications'); unfortunately, the Department is not able to provide permission to park within working hours to undergraduate and postgraduate students, or to research staff except on medical grounds.

Although individual spaces are not allocated to individual permit holders, permits have been issued on a one-permit-to-one-space basis. It is therefore important that permit holders contact the Facilities Manager ( to notify him of any periods when they will not be using their space, as there may be others who need to park during those times.

In addition to the parking spaces for permit holders, there is a limited number of other spaces that may be booked by members of staff, as described below.

The Facilities Manager, as part of his duties, is responsible to the Head of Department for overseeing parking, but the working of the system is largely dependent on goodwill and lack of selfishness among users. Staff who have been issued with a permit may park in any free space on site (except the bookable spaces described below).

Parking outside working hours
The above regulations apply during the normal working day (Monday - Friday 08:00-17:00). After 17:00, and on Saturdays and Sundays, there are no restrictions on parking for any member of staff or student, providing the roadways are kept clear. Applications for bulk parking for societies, clubs, weddings etc, however should be made to the Facilities Manager by email to

Bookable parking spaces at Trumpington Street

In addition to the spaces allocated to permit holders, a limited number of spaces may be booked by Department staff for the purposes outlined below. Before making a booking, please read the details below about the information you should provide. The bookable spaces are all those opposite Reception.

Visitor Car Parking (6 spaces)
Parking in the six visitor spaces must be booked in advance via Car Parking Bookings by a member of staff. To avoid embarrassment to visitors, it is important to ensure that visitors are aware of how many spaces have been booked for them. Visitors' parking can only be booked in the designated visitor spaces. Visitors cannot book spaces for themselves; booking must be by a member of Department staff via the Car Parking Bookings system. Required information: visitor's name; vehicle registration number; host's contact details.

West Cambridge Parking (5 spaces)
These five spaces are reserved for staff based at West Cambridge, and parking in these spaces must be booked via Car Parking Bookings in advance. You should give a brief description of the reason for your visit to the Trumpington Street site; priority will be given to reasons such as "lecture to deliver", "other teaching commitment", "general meeting, collection/casual meeting". Required information: Name; vehicle registration number; reason; mobile phone number.

Car parking applications for Trumpington Street

Parking permits are issued on an annual basis for an academic year. Please complete this form if you wish to apply for a car parking permit for the period 1st October 2022 to 30th September 2023. (Please note you will need a Raven account to access this form). Allocation of parking permits is organised by the Facilities Manager and the need for a permit is considered in terms of a strict order of priorities. The higher you come in the following list, the more likely you are to be issued with a permit:

  1. person who is a Blue Badge Holder;
  2. persons with other medical or physical conditions which necessitate that they should park in close proximity to their place of work;
  3. family commitments - a need to attend to dependent family members during the day (e.g. taking/collecting children to/from nursery or school, visiting elderly or hospitalised family members) in areas not immediately accessible by public transport;
  4. unsocial hours of work - a requirement to work unsocial hours on a regular and frequent basis, finishing and/or starting at a time when public transport provision does not provide a viable alternative;
  5. persons having a requirement to use a car for work purposes on a regular basis during the working day as an essential part of their duties;
  6. persons who are prepared to undertake a formal car sharing arrangement;
  7. inadequate public transport - applicable to staff who reside beyond a distance where they could reasonably be expected to walk or cycle to work, in areas beyond reasonable reach of public transport. [Staff applying on this basis should note why they need to drive into Cambridge rather than use the Park and Ride.]
  8. staff who are willing and able to park their vehicle at the University secure park and cycle facility and cycle, walk or take the University shuttle bus service to their place of work (only those staff working on Central Sites are eligible).

Parking at West Cambridge

Parking at the other Department sites is managed as follows: -

General regulations which apply to all

Parking is at all times undertaken at the risk of the individual. The University accepts no liability for any damage to vehicles parked on its premises howsoever caused.