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Building and Estate Services

Department of Engineering


Peacock Sculpture Mounting

Completed January 2018


JDB Atrium


Funded by Department

Peacock Sculpture mounted on JDB Atrium wall


Compressed Air and Sink Installation

Completion January 2018


Bio-inspired Robotics Lab IE1-04


Funded by Department



Sink Installations

Completion January 2018


Aero and Wind Tunnel Labs, BS2-03 and BS3-06


Funded by Department



Ventilation and Lighting Improvements to INO-27

Completed April 2018


Structures Research Group, Division D


Funded by Department

Installation of ventilation scheme, replacement lighting and suspended ceiling.


Creation of cellular office, BCO-03

Completed April 2018


Finance Division



Creation of cellular office within existing Purchasing Office. New partition wall, half glazed, doorway and re-decoration.


MATE-Lab Experimental Facility, Laundry Farm

Completed July 2018


Façade Technology (Structures Research Group)

40m2 (approx.)

Funded by Department of Engineering

The MATE-Lab experimental facility comprises three shipping container sized single storey units. The south elevation is glass (and is interchangeable based on the research) with wall panels / steel profile around the other elevations. The facility contains an office-like environment and the research aims to capture the effect of adaptive façades on the experience of the occupants, in order to identify the most effective interaction strategies and design features.


CBL Offices Refurbishment

Completion August 2018


CBL Group, Division F


Funded by Department

Convert existing labs into offices, and demolish partition wall to extend existing seminar room. Redecoration and flooring.


Bio-Lab Fume Cupboard Extraction Works

Completed November 2018


Bioengineering Lab INO-03


Funded by Department

Installation of fume cupboard and external flue, routed to plant enclosure on Inglis roof. Additional work required to satisfy planners with regards noise concerns from extract fan on roof.


Office Reconfiguration

Completed December 2018


HR Technicians Office, IEO-04 to 06


Funded by Department

Construction of partition wall in IEO-05 to create 2nd office for HR Technicians, convert IEO-06 into a meeting room, and IE4-04 into Reception/IT Hotdesk area. Asbestos removal, building works, decoration and flooring.