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Department of Engineering

Green Impact is the University’s environmental accreditation scheme, set up to encourage and acknowledge the efforts made by departments to reduce their environmental impacts.

For our 2020-2021 submission we were deighted to learn we achieved a Bronze award.

Throughout the year we put in place various measures to help reduce our Department’s environmental impact, and shared advice and information to encourage us all to do our bit. With so many of us working remotely, there was a limit to what we could do on site but we were able to supplement our efforts with promoting lots of ways to improve sustainability from home.

Below are a few of the things we achieved during 2020-2021 that contributed to our Bronze Award:

  • Introduction of food waste collections
  • Use and promotion of furniture recycling organisations such as Warp-it and Reyooz Ltd, to re-home some of the Department’s unwanted furniture
  • Improved communication about the Department’s environmental practices by adding this information to the Department’s induction documents
  • Promotion of green travel advice and initiatives
  • Launch of the Department’s Green Impact webpage 
  • Promotion of advice and tips on ways to save energy and encourage biodiversity at home

Hopefully many of you were able to engage in some way with the above, or with some of the other schemes we shared with you. And if you did then a big thanks to you too for contributing to this award, and doing your bit to improve sustainability within the Department and beyond! As a reminder, or in case you missed any, you can access some of our recent communications here

Looking forward, we want to build on what we’ve achieved and continue to tackle environmental issues across the Department. Please look out for communications from us and get involved in any way you can - let’s see if we can make it a Silver award next year! We’d also love to hear if you’ve put any of our ideas into practice. You can contact us at